Comprehensive advisory and planning services for the technical part in a public EU-wide award procedure were carried out by Heitzig.

Mobile communications

Specialist technical support for the public tender procedure for mobile communications and hardware exchange programme (EU-wide)


Industry: Healthcare, Clinics

With eleven hospitals, four geriatric centres (and the Ybbs social therapeutic centre) and eight nursing homes, the vienna hospital association (KAV) is one of the largest health facilities in europe with around 30,000 employees.


Subject of the assignment

  • Participation in the 1st participation procedure, including evaluation criteria
  • Compiling technical performance description, price sheets, list of requirements, required network availability documentation (in-house disposal)
  • Participation in bidding hearing and results evaluation, participants in the jury
  • Topics: mobile telephony, mobile data, reporting tools, SMS alerting services, Secure VPN access, mobile device management, hardware-replacement



A new framework contract with a provider should be concluded for more than 4,000 connections. a new tariff concept that is as simple and economical as possible should be implemented, as well as the consumption and costs can be easily controlled. As an option, HW-procurement should also be taken into account.



  • The povision of appropriate and timely, high-quality, forward-looking and safe telecommunications services;
  • Optimizing the performance, quality and cost of telecom services;
  • Significant reduction in current costs and resources
  • Sufficient indoor/outdoor network quality and hardware procurement
  • Flexibility to illucate organizational changes
  • Obtaining a needs-based solution for the provision and, if necessary, implementation of mobile device management [MDM] for the mobile phones of KAV


Central Challenge

The complexity of achieving and evaluating the objectives for "network supply" at the many major locations, the creation of optimal tariff concepts for the KAV, which were to be supported by the potential bidders, and a system to be implemented according to the award standards. Procedure, were certainly with the biggest challenges.



The award could ultimately be carried out free of opposition to the best-provider. The KAV receives partially adapted newly adapted new mobile services such as SMS alerting services, as well as a functional and compliant consumption and cost-controlling tool. The project was very successful from an economic point of view!


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