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Access to the latest technology - your employees always stay up-to-date technically. "Phone as a device" relieves your global organization and creates added value. Building a digital mindset for employees. These are topics we should talk about together to get your business up and on track.

SMARTPHONES  Rent, use and return

The procurement of smartphones is often still part of the existing mobile phone contract, although this has nothing to do with the tariff price structure. Why do providers do this? It is a customer loyalty concept and according to our experience the most expensive variant for the customer to procure his devices, because such subsidy models are of course always priced in - only you do not know exactly where; we will show you!

The trend in the market is increasingly towards the "decoupling" of HW subsidies from the actual collective agreement. So what is more economical in the end to buy the end devices directly from your mobile operator or rather on the open market. And what is the point of the "CAPEX → OPEX" Shift? Where are the opportunities and risks to the HW strategy such as models such as BYOD, CYOD, COPE, COBO, .. and which HW devices can be used safely and safely for companies, not to mention expensive iPhones or Samsung Premium models?

By the way, did you know that there is also a procurement of mobile devices in a slightly different way & way? One that optimally supports efficient life cycle management in your company. The focus is on hardware usage instead of ownership. We would be pleased to show you the price advantages of such usage concepts in conjunction with modern methodology for technology exchange.

Up to 30% can be saved in a TCO view within a life cycle period of smartphones. Optimal hardware procurement is part of our work in any mobile phone project.


Why they're dealing with it

In the TCO survey, the hardware-purchasing cost block has already taken a significant share in direct comparison to mobile phone tariff costs. Reduce your resources in IT, procurement and HR by taking over the entire HW procurement process up to certified data deletion by a professional service provider with an optimal usage concept. The simple calculation, namely to use only the purchase price of a device for internal viewing is unfortunately not sufficient. The whole truth requires a TCO look and that for your entire corporate fleet!



Our expertise and expertise distinguish us, we are happy to support you in the optimal procurement of your hardware and at the same time optimize your process costs.

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Tender management

If you need to procure larger quantities of mobile devices such as.B. smarphones, tablets or notebooks, then it is worth carrying out a tendering process, which we are happy to handle for you.

The experts of heitzig help you to match your ideas and ideas with the realistic possibilities of the international market and to unite with potential partners.

In a project implementation, we see ourselves as a link between client and contractor, but also as a companion, and controller on an equal footing with the supplier world.

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