Mobility without complexity

Global Footprint

Mobile communications - equipment management in international corporations.

If your company is multi-national and spread across multiple countries around the globe, ordering mobile devices and managing your inventory can be a constant challenge. Have you not ever wished to have a consolidated single tariff for your local mobile fleets abroad or to conduct the negotiations for all your mobile fleets abroad with just one global account?

We show you ways to centrally manage your purchase and management with greater efficiency, productivity and control.

Centralized purchasing

…is aimed at mapping the reduction of monthly costs, the complexity of orders or the continuation/negotiation of mobile communication agreements across several countries by means of a single central contact point on the basis of regular cycles.

Yes, it's a fact - mobility in multi-national corporations is a balancing act between fully centralized and multi-market-agreements. Additionally, the specific requirements of local subsidiaries need to be met.

We can identify and show you the appropriate ways and means as well as the opportunities they give rise to. Everything has its limits, and this holds true in such cases as well.


Central reporting

Just imagine being able to review your mobile activities on a national and international level on a single portal, providing your company with a fact-based overview of all its mobile communications agreements, usage data and costs broken down by country!

Just tell us your objectives and we will be glad to organize a global mobility workshop for you and explain all available implementation options.


Central relations

For solutions such as these, you need a central partner with a good understanding of customer priorities and local markets.

The heitzig experts will help you match your ideas and objectives with realistic options offered by the international market developments and prospective global partners. As part of a potential implementation of projects, heitzig not only considers itself the link between its clients and their global partners but also a companion and monitor who is on equal terms with the world of service providers.

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