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printing concepts

Printers & Processes

We make more of your print infrastructure, consolidate processes and reduce costs.

If an optimization project is carried out, significant cost reductions of up to 50% are possible. Let's face it, do you know the annual cost of your document processes and printing infrastructure for all your locations? We're not just talking about hardware, it's also about printouts, consumables and support, how you use documents and how people and processes deal with all of these things.

Consulting with a plan, independent of manufacturers

Apart from engineering and commercial considerations, analyzing organizational structures and processes while taking into account user requirements for ensuring an optimum data flow is one of our core tasks.

We use comparable projects to highlight the key strengths and weaknesses of your existing inventory situation and develop strategies for building an improved output landscape.

In this process, we emphasize five key aspects:

  • needs-based output equipment
  • cost optimization
  • process development
  • optimization of paper-based processes
  • trouble-free handling over the entire usage period

Our neutral consulting services guarantee well-informed decisions.


Typical approach

heitzig offers all-round support and assistance in all stages involving optimization or the acquisition of new systems:

  • actual state survey
  • analysis of requirements
  • concept preparation
  • procurement process / optimization
  • implementation support for all projects

Our approach includes considering the entire lifecycle of your output structures and ensuring procurement according to the requirements of our clients.

For public contracting authorities, we prepare tender documents in accordance with statutory contract-awarding regulations.

Just contact our output experts - we look forward to hearing from you.

+43 5757 6010

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