Optimize your mobile communications and save costs

Mobile communications

If you want to optimize your mobile communications or have a benchmarking carried out, then you are completely in the right place.

We have been working on optimizing our clients “Mobile Phone Fleets” more than 28 years and can therefore legitimately claim, that we are one of the leading independent consulting companies that have the full control of this core competence.

Mobile as a Service

The right mobile strategy for your business

Today, companies simply want to use mobile communications, the whole thing with the right tariff concept as well as a clever tariff decoupled procurement model for the hardware [CAPEX vs. OPEX Usage concepts] including the GDPR-compliant protection of your company data - this is what we mean by "Mobile as a Service".

All in One, a price and without variety of suppliers and the best is up to 30% more economical than you are currently used to! This is not a vision but a reality, let yourself be inspired by our project experiences. We are regarded in the industry as a pioneer of independent consulting for large mobile projects and everything that belongs to mobile communications.

The topics are very complex overall, which increases the need for market-oriented guidance and advice for many companies. Mobile telephony is of particular importance, as this topic can increasingly increase the productivity of employees in the company and thus contribute an important impulse to the success of the company.

Our approach to the mobility strategy encompasses more than just optimizing access costs and also interferes with other topics, such as

  • Mapping digital processes with mobile devices
  • Making mobile work safer
  • Consider Smart Hardware Deployment Models [CAPEX → OPEX]
  • Consider optimal end-device strategy [BYOD, COPE,...]
  • Easy controlling of consumptions & costs

Our all-round consulting package for


We advise and support our customers in gaining the right strategic orientation for him and advancing the implementation.

Mobile aaS is currently no directly buyable on the market product, but the performance of talented Experts!



With the right mobile strategy, we reduce your costs, secure your data and increase your flexibility as well as the satisfaction of your employees.

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Optimization of your mobile communications equipment

Analytical performance and cost management

How large is your optimization potential? Is your existing rates model even in tune with your own specific data usage volume? How can daily work relating to mobile communications be made easier for your administrative staff? How can you check your data consumption and expenses without hardly any effort at all? When is the best time for negotiating your new mobile communications framework agreement and which results are essential for a positive outcome?

Questions upon questions - they may sound banal but they are anything but. Providers are quite adept at circumventing EU-regulated price parameters when it comes to their rates; they achieve this by adopting a mix of various rates models. They frequently offer rates models that they prioritize while strategically marketing them - but are these rates really the ones you need for your company?

In the world of mobile communications, the rates models of providers can be quite complex. Provider portfolios typically contain a large variety of different prices while frequently communicating only those rates to the market that they are currently promoting.

We can help you prepare for such negotiations to an optimum degree. We can also accompany you through the entire tender process as a competent and reliable adviser, since one of our unique features is our long years of international experience with large-scale projects (in German / English).

Our insider know-how leads to superior performance and cost structures.

Simply ask us for a sample of our work!

Our typical approach:




You do not wish to launch your own optimization project yet but nevertheless want to know where you stand and which potentials exist for you? If so, benchmarking by heitzig is a highly effective option. We will supply reliable concerning your status quo, the strengths/weaknesses of your present mobile communications agreement and prepare the optimum schedule of rates tailor-made to your needs. Our potentials analysis will subsequently place you in a perfect position to enter into informed negotiations with any bidder yourself. It goes without saying that we can also assist you in the course of your optimization stage if you wish.

For robust benchmarking in the field of mobile communications, the most optimal tariff models of the providers are evaluated for your company. Significant cost advantages can already be realized through inventory optimization. Calls for tenders lead to optimal results.

Our standard heitzig benchmarking package includes:

  • actual state survey of usage volumes & costs
  • requirement survey by means of questionnaire
  • workshop featuring an analysis of potentials
  • Know how transfer & Insider Tips

We are looking forward to hearing from you - simply describe to us what you require.



Many companies are already using their own IoT SIM-cards to connect various devices and systems. When it comes to this technology, we differentiate between classic mobile communications and IoT (M2M) connectivity. IoT is based on a different wireless technology and is used wherever special IoT SIM-cards are used to network what can be sensibly networked. 

High building penetration and improved network coverage as well as low costs are of great importance for the necessary data transmission of most project applications. As with conventional "mobile communications", IoT contracts of the providers are diverse and there are some parameters to consider. Different tariff models also provide corresponding complexity in this area.

We would be happy to check your existing contracts, optimize them or support you in designing the requirements and show the differences to conventional data SIM-cards!


The modern workplace and its challenges

Mobile devices as business tools give employees the freedom to do their work regardless of location and flexibility. The seductive use of iOS and Android devices in everyday work confronts IT managers with a pool of diverse devices that need to be integrated and managed into the corporate network. In addition, working with smartphones and tablets not insignificant dangers in terms of data security and protection.

The means of choice by which smartphones and tablets can be conveniently and securely integrated into corporate IT is Mobile Device Management (MDM). Due to the diversity of the market, providers and solutions for larger companies offer a professional comparison of the market ("Microsoft Intune" versus classic "MDM solutions").

As the providers and solutions offered on the market are so varied and numerous, a professional market comparison makes good sense.

Let's talk about it. We support companies - small or large - optimale to get the optimal and above all easy-to-manage MDM solution for affordable money.

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Employee benefit without additional costs

Latest lifestyle devices from the field of IT & Mobility!

Premium smartphones, tablets and selected accessories for business and private use. The company determines company budget and models in advance and allows its employees a self-service process. iOS or Android? Employees decide for themselves. The employee receives a high-quality smartphone, which can be used privately without restriction, for significantly less costs than for private purchases or through financing of the mobile phone provider. Neither the employee nor the company has to deal with complaints, damages or roll-out, and on return you can be exchanged for a device of the latest generation. Employee satisfaction increases, employee loyalty is strengthened!


Reporting and Monitoring

Our ICT Operating service includes our Mobilfunk Reporter, an optional feature for our clients ensuring easy management and reporting for your telecommunications data. Additionally, we will review your bills on a regular basis and continuously optimize your provider costs.

Our Mobilfunk Reporter allows you to view your usage volumes, costs and outliers by individual connection as well as on a general level - at the push of a button, so to speak - and compile your own customized reports. And if you are unable to find the time to do it yourself, we can take care of this chore for you as well.


Global Footprint

Yes, it is a fact - when it comes to mobility in multinational companies, this is a balancing act between fully centralised and multi-market agreements. In addition, the individual needs of local subsidiaries must be met. This is exactly where our expertise continues - our excellent international networking naturally also allows us to carry out international optimization projects for provider services for all your locations abroad.

We show ways and possibilities and what opportunities arise from this. There are limits to everything and everyone – and this is also true in this case.

Would you like to optimize your foreign business locations? Then we look forward to hearing from you.
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