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From needs analysis to solution scenarios. Technology, products, manufacturers put to the test.

How do we work in the future and what are the requirements for communication and collaboration? What Is the significance of the ping-phone in times of unified communication (UC)? UC On-Premises versus UCaaS – where is the trip going? The days of ISDN and classical telephony are numbered, and the telko networks are gradually switching to all-IP.

Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC)

The concept of UCC is currently in a state of flux. Support for various types of meeting scenarios, chat rooms, collaboration on files, communication with external participants, the integration of cloud services as well as supplying integration environments are steadily becoming part of the standard scope of state-of-the-art telecommunication services and solutions.

How to combine the old and the new in a sensible way, resulting in a solution that is manageable in daily practice without giving rise to functional chaos? While UCaaS (UC as a Service) and team collaboration in the cloud are expected to provide the required functionalities, running systems in parallel leads to overlapping functionalities and costs lots of money.

Our work is always aimed at improving both in-house and external corporate collaboration, expanding client services and remodeling work routines to make them faster, more flexible and more efficient.

The experts employed by heitzig ensure professional ICT consulting to produce perfect telecommunications solutions, ensuring holistic collaboration when it comes to procurement and tenders while using a standardized and generally recognized project methodology. We bring transparency to the complex world of providers and will find you a partner who is best suited for your telecommunications needs.

Use our long years of experience in engineering, combined with our strategically highly successful and fair, sustainable negotiation methods. Complex projects require professional project management; our approach (independent of devices and their manufacturers) ensures that all agreed project goals will be met.

Are you planning a procurement project and look for external support?


Digital Workspace

The workplaces of the future will be different from the ones we have become used to, forcing companies to realign their digital strategy accordingly. Workplaces need to become fit for a young generation that demands mobile and flexible work models. Corporate applications must become more open and offer more interfaces. This requirement means that a foundation is needed that is yet to be established. This does not just affect the infrastructure and equipment of new buildings but all office workplaces. Far-reaching decisions concerning a modification of technological workplace equipment are needed.

All these factors exert a significant influence on infrastructure, the work environment, terminal devices and the applications used. They also impinge on the way how and where we work. This phenomenon is closely linked to a new understanding of work performed in distributed teams and the resulting efficiency issues and challenges.

Accordingly, appropriate policy decisions and investments in new infrastructures are preparing the ground for the workplace of the future.

We make technological options and solutions transparent for you and help you create efficient designs, the required infrastructure and - last but not least - all the decisions you need to take.


Cloud versus On-Premises

What are the capabilities of hybrid UCC solutions and how are they implemented? What are the arguments in favor of purely on-premises installations? Which developments can you expect in the years to come? Has Unified Communications with Skype for Business or teams in the Microsoft 365 cloud the potential to replace UC On-Prem solutions?

Manufacturers are pressing forward into the cloud with their UCC solutions and try to lure clients with new offers and attractive features. What risks does such a step entail and what choices are there if a cloud-based option is not the right solution?

We encounter these and similar questions in the course of our projects on a regular basis and address them together with our clients. We will develop a long-term strategy together in order to match requirements with specific solutions and prepare your infrastructure for the future, no matter whether the deployment model will ultimately favor a cloud-based or an On-Premises option.


Typical project services

Our services may include:

  • actual state survey
  • UC Strategy-Workshop
  • Needs
  • target concept (architecture)
  • preparation of tender documents
  • implementation of procurement process
  • negotiation phase & review of contracts and agreements
  • entire project management
  • roll-out assistance

For public contracting authorities, we prepare tender documents in accordance with statutory contract-awarding regulations.

If you need external assistance for your planning project, heitzig with its first-rate know-how is definitely the right partner for you.

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