Mission & approach to work - collaboration on a partnership basis

Mission statement & way Of working

Our way of working is shaped by the many years of experience that our proven methodological competence taught us.

Coming together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is a success.

Henry Ford

Our core values

  • Neutrality: we are a 100% neutral team of consultants independent of specific products or manufacturers; ever since our company was established, we have been striving to stay true to this important principle.
  • Satisfaction: satisfied customers are our ultimate goal. We act swiftly, competently and straightforwardly, an approach our customers have come to appreciate.
  • Honesty: our motto is "Be honest in everything you do".
  • Reliability: our second motto "Be reliable in your words and deeds" - you are always welcome to measure us by this yardstick.
  • Transparency: secrets engender distrust, which is why we act transparently in all matters, both vis-a-vis our clients and our employees.
  • Customer focus: for us, the customer is king and will always be our main focus - that is our third motto.

Our approach to work

We accompany and assist our clients in coping with complex tasks during every single stage of their projects.



Quality assurance

We use a wide range of tried-and-tested quality assurance measures when accompanying your project, ensuring a high level of quality for them.

We ensure professional quality assurance when accompanying your project, no matter which of our services you select.

You can rely on heitzig and be confident that your project will be consistently aligned with the specific circumstances of your company with a high degree of efficiency.

Our approach includes:

  • collaboration in setting clear-cut goals and determining quality expectations at the start of each project
  • tried-and-tested structured standardizations and guidelines for every single project stage
  • Professional tender management
  • dual verification principle
  • appropriate assessment of each project stage before taking the next project step, thus ensuring transparency
  • project evaluation and verification of goal attainment upon completion of each project

We would be happy to convince you of these and other benefits in a one-on-one talk.

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How you can benefit from our collaboration

  • significant potential savings thanks to customized engineering and optimum agreements
  • know-how supplied by external experts
  • independent of manufacturers
  • fair fees, frequently purely results-oriented
  • easing of burden on in-house resources
  • wholesale terms thanks to purchasing pooling
  • competent and possessing the flexibility and innovative power required today
  • superior knowledge of the German-speaking market and beyond
  • international partnerships
  • you will benefit from the constant advanced training of our consultants


Our fee models excel due to their flexibility! No matter whether you choose to remunerate us on a purely results-oriented basis as a percentage of your achieved savings, with a lump sum as a fixed fee or a combination of both - it's up to you to decide how you would like us to invoice you for the services to be performed by us. From now on, a pricing model is completely new to us depending on the type and size of the project, according to which we, together with the potential client, go into a pricing process in advance of an offer, which is once defined and permitted by both sides from the outset. The advantage: "Your price" was defined in the common understanding of the services to be delivered!

You can rely on our guarantee: regardless of which settlement model you choose - as our client, we will always ensure that you will enjoy favorable terms and can be flexible if you have any upcoming special requests.

When commissioning heitzig, you can be sure that your project will be consistently and highly efficiently adapted to the specific circumstances of your company.

We would be happy to convince you of these and other benefits in a one-on-one talk.

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