Independent consulting services

Improve performance with actionable insights, advice, and tools. The aim of our work is to reduce your costs in the ICT environment and to relieve your IT- and cost managers. We support your specialist departments in procuring or tendering the right products and solutions. Exceptional results are the conclusion of our independent consulting services.

Achieve optimal conditions and productive supplier relationships with our expert negotiation skills. Successful for over 28 years!

Trust is an invaluable currency that, once established, sustains success. THANK YOU!

  • ALPLA brings experts on board!

    ALPLA brings experts on board!

    The optimisation of mobile communications requires in-depth expert knowledge. The focus on the international expansion of ICT optimisation projects requires a knowledge transfer function, which heitzig's consultants undoubtedly offer.
  • DB Schenker Romania relies on heitzig

    DB Schenker Romania relies on heitzig

    As a manufacturer-independent market expert, heitzig ITK Consulting optimizes the entire mobile communications sector for Schenker Romania.
  • Switzerland


    Complex optimisation of ICT trades by heitzig.
  • Global Company

    Global Company

    For a large global company, we optimize telephony in all branches in Romania.
  • Procurement of smartphones & tablets

    Procurement of smartphones & tablets

    heitzig conducts a major hardware tender for mobile devices for the Group in various countries, above all in Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Of course also for Austria.
  • Sustainable IT

    Sustainable IT

    Use instead of own! HEITZIG shows how Austrian companies take advantage of the challenges and seize the opportunities.
  • Examination of the requirement of the Federal Network Agency and § 109 TKG

    Examination of the requirement of the Federal Network Agency and § 109 TKG

    For the communication network of Hamburg Airport, external expertise should be carried out in accordance with Section §109 of the Telecommunications Act in accordance with the Federal Network Agency. Heitzig was able to master these requirements.
  • Mobile telephony optimization for Germany Sites

    Mobile telephony optimization for Germany Sites

    Well-known sawing and woodworking company in Europe with more than 1000 employees, gives mandate to the ITK consulting company HEITZIG, which specialises in mobile phone optimization and is leading in the German-speaking region.
  • Telephony optimization for Isovolta Group USA

    Telephony optimization for Isovolta Group USA

    On behalf of Constantia Services, the telephony of the USA locations is being optimised by Isovolta - a group of companies of the group as a whole.
  • Support procurement provider-services

    Support procurement provider-services

    Conception and creation of tender for mobile services and fixed networks.
  • Optimization of IT outsourcing contracts

    Optimization of IT outsourcing contracts

    After extremely successful mobile optimization, heitzig is once again given the mandate for the technical/commercial optimization of installed IT outsourcing contracts.
  • Cost optimization of mobile communications for DB-Schenker Eastern Europe

    Cost optimization of mobile communications for DB-Schenker Eastern Europe

    heitzig receives mandate for foreign locations of the group. For Slovakia and the Czech Republic, provider services will be optimized.
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ITK Kostenoptimierung

All-encompassing optimization approach

Identify IT Spending Patterns

The key to success is "consistency". We put ongoing ICT costs (Opex) to the test, and there are plenty of them at the IT cost center. It is a matter of recognising which ICT services and ICT services have real potential for optimization.

Whether it's provider services, services from the cloud, licenses or rental, maintenance and support expenses - we analyze your spending pattern in pre-defined areas, set them in a benchmark and identify the key areas of potential. Our annual snapshot gives you cost certainty and identifies weaknesses that can then be eliminated. Our different methodologies focus on efficiency and commercial parameters (value KPIs).

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Landline telephony

The optimal telephony concept?

Not sure which telephony concept is right for your company?

With our compact "Telephony Consultant Package" you will receive all the answers and the right concept for you, including budget indications. We compare modern technologies and operating models such as "Cloud vs. On Premise" and explain the opportunities and risks - the whole thing completely vendor and product neutral. The consultant package is a fixed construction kit at an affordable price, we optimize the provider costs at the same time, so that your investments pay for themselves - it doesn't get any better than this!

With the result, you can start the supplier negotiations well prepared or we can take care of it for you. 

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Scenarios for the Digital Workplace

The pandemic has accelerated the shift in organizations towards a holistic digital workplace. In the meantime, the enterprise collaboration platforms are established in many companies or are required by employees. Support for a wide range of meeting scenarios, chat rooms, file collaboration, communication with external participants, integration with cloud services, and deployment of integration environments are increasingly part of the capabilities of modern telecommunications solutions.

We make technical opportunities and solutions transparent for you and help you efficiently design the required infrastructure requirements.

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ICT Infrastructure and Services

Simple tender management

We know the technology and we have many years of expertise in the preparation of tenders and in their processing. A high degree of technical understanding is required in accordance with the general purchasing conditions and the necessary procurement standards. Resources in IT and purchasing are in short supply and precisely for this reason contracts are often simply extended or new procurement projects are not subjected to a professional competition procedure.

The handling of a professional market comparison, however, is always worthwhile - the experts at heitzig know!

You lack resources or know-how, we support you with our methodological competence and assume responsibility for results.

Mobile Enterprise Consulting


Mobile phone costs

We are undoubtedly the right partner if you want to subject your company's mobile fleet to cost optimization. The benchmark and the optimization of your hardware prices as well as the development of optimal strategies for the procurement of smartphones & tablets are also part of our work, as well as our neutral assessment of the mobile security measures you are currently setting up with regard to the administration and management of devices.

Whether you want to optimize mobile phone costs or focus on the optimal procurement of your smartphones - our many years of expertise make us one of the most sought-after consultants in this very dynamic environment.

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Mobile Devices

Reduce your investment

Free up your time with heitzig. As is well known, there are a number of different procurement strategies for the purchase of smartphones & Co. It is clear that the trend is in the direction of sustainable concepts. Don't have time for new projects? This is exactly where we help you - you outsource the project processing to us, the internal resources remain minimal and at the same time you save costs.

We bring your initial situation transparently into the comparison of modern, cheaper forms of procurement and optimize your hardware investments. Get to know our innovative proposals and contact us now for a non-binding discussion!

ICT cost management

Increase your

4 min presentation

In the course of the project, heitzig acted as a very competent partner, who actively supported us in the first step in defining our requirements and subsequently also in the contract negotiations. This enabled a significant reduction in monthly costs and variable connection charges to be achieved without compromising on the services supplied.


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