Security & Compliance
thanks to MDM

The modern workplace and its challenges

Easy set-up of mobile devices relieves the IT department.

The increasing use of iOS and Android devices in everyday work confronts IT managers with a pool of diverse devices that need to be integrated and managed into the corporate network. Depending on their enterprise mobility strategy, companies can choose from a variety of procurement models to equip their employees accordingly. These are topics we should talk about together to adapt your business to new trends.

Control & Safety

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the foundation for managing mobile devices in enterprises. With MDM or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, you can centrally manage all endpoints and protect your mobile fleet from unauthorized access, in line with your internal compliance requirements and GDPR. Where corporate devices can also be used privately, companies are forced to resort to advanced solutions that do not manage the entire device, but only a closed business area (containerization) or enterprise applications with the associated data (Mobile Application Management - MAM).

So-called containers neatly separate work and private apps and data on the same device. This strict separation does not give third-party apps or even malware a chance to access sensitive business information. At the same time, the privacy of users remains protected. The company's IT only has access to the data of the business container app, but not to the employee's private data, i.e. not to the terminal itself. But the most flexible is a container solution that can be operated with or without an MDM.

Due to the variety of suppliers and solutions present on the market, a professional market comparison is possible.

Let's talk about it, we will be happy to accompany you during the procurement phase.

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Why is Mobile Device Management important

An MDM system essentially performs the following tasks:

  • Easily set up and integrate mobile devices into enterprise IT
  • Securing corporate data and complying with data protection

Thanks to the time-saving integration of the company's own or private smartphones and tablets thanks to MDM, the devices can be set up with just a few clicks and apps and internal policy can be distributed and managed from a central location. With security features such as tightly disconnecting private and business data, password requirements, and remote lyzing data, the MDM ensures that employees work GDPR compliant with their mobile devices and that company data is reliably protected.


Who needs an MDM solution

Implementing an MDM solution should be chosen by all companies that ensure sufficient data protection (GDPR compliance) on mobile devices and want to securely integrate the devices into their IT architecture. also an MDM system is always advisable if the deployment and management of the endpoints are to consume considerable resources and therefore be streamlined.

Instead of labor-intensive manual processes, the devices are automatically deployed through the MDM console. From our experience, an MDM system is recommended for as little as 20 mobile employees, even if they only read business emails on their devices or use the WiFi.

The independent experts at heitzig help you to determine the right MDM solution for your requirements in a lean evaluation process.

This is a major advantage, because you use the diverse experience of the present provider world and the diverse solutions. Thanks to the cheerful methodological competence, you also participate in significantly better conditions due to large customer relationships.

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